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Services & Equipment

Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering department utilizes over 30 high-speed terminals all with advanced software to allow us to work from virtually any data files. Our software packages include CATIA, Delcam, Mastercam...

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Rapid Prototyping

When a single part and immediate turnaround are critical we turn to one of our four conventional rapid prototyping technologies—stereolithography (SLA), laminate object manufacturing (LOM)...

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Injection Molding

One of the hallmarks of 3-Dimensional Services is that when we see a need, we respond. And we saw a need for fast plastic parts development. We answered the call with quick service and even faster turnaround...

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CNC Machining

We've invested in over 43 CNC machining centers, not to mention 75 knee mills and lathes. We're able to machine hardened tool steels to 60 Rockwell at federates of up to 20,000 millimeters per minute.

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Forming & Fabricating

Our forming and fabricating operations manufacture parts through stamping, laser processing, hydroforming, tube bending and waterjet cutting. Our stamping area, with presses from 20 to 7000 ton surpasses...

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Patterns, Models, & Castings

Our in-house pattern and model shop constructs tools using urethane, sand, wood and plaster used to produce cast and molded prototypes. We also have a rapid spin casting machine that allows us to use low cost...

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One of our specialties is welding. Our capabilities include laser systems for not only welding but also assembly. A high-power laser welding assembly system allows us to join similar and dissimilar materials...

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Whether it's prototype or low-volume production we can manufacture the components then employ various resources to assemble these systems, both large and small. We've successfully assembled truck frames...

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Quality Control

In our QC department we follow strict quality standards and our fully equipped inspection department, with over ten CMM's, guides our ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified quality assurance programs.

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